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Huge, hilarious collection of smileys, memes, stickers, funny characters and other emoticons for your chat apps!Works great for WhatsApp or other chat or messaging apps.7 million people are using our collection and creating their own memes with our app. A 4.2+ rating encourages us to keep improving :)★ CATEGORIES OF SMILEYS AND STICKERS* All kind of emojis and emoticons pack!* Internet characters: Troll face, LOL guy, Y U NO, Success Kid, ..* Funny pics: hilarious random pictures and meme* Memes (NEW from July 2013): Philosoraptor, Skeptical Baby, ...* LOLcats: you can't get enough of them. And emojis too.Give us your suggestions in the comments. We are listening!★ HOW TO USEFor WhatsApp, just click on the icon in the top of your conversation.Open your chat app (such as WhatsApp), and use usual "attach image" button to open our gallery of pictures.★ NOTESThanks to IDris, Ghost-Unit for Russian translation, Abdullah Jasser for Arabic. Thanks to Iris-Zeible and Leon-go from deviantart for their "japanese anime" and "lovely shitties". Onion club provided some smileys: ★ FEATURES* More than 500 images (memes, rage faces, smileys, funny pictures...) to use directly in your chat app* Meme generator: create your own meme with Forever Alone, Trollface, Y U NO, You don't say, ...* Paint/Draw/Sketch using any of our pictures, or even your own* High Definition images for all the images, emoticons and smileys and smiles whatsapp* Apply effects or stickers to your gallery images and send them right away★ CHAT TOOLKIT USERSContact us by email please